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The Blackstones Story
The Blackstones performing live
The Blackstones was formed by Leon Leiffer in 1974. Soon after releasing their debut single with Count Shelly (one of the pioneers of sound system) a cover version of the Melodians " Little nut tree" which was shortly followed by " You gonna loose me" produced by Fatman, founder of Fatman Hi-fi. The group then went on to work with Daddy Kool and together released a track entitled " We nah go suffer" which topped the New Musical Express reggae charts in 74. Later it led to sessions with major producers like Phill Pratt, Lloyd Charmers, Lindel Lewis, Winston Curtis, Jah Larry, Tony Owens, Fatman and the legendary Clement "Sir Coxsone" Dodd.The Blackstones were the last act to work at studio one with Mr. Dodd, who sadly passed away in May,2004.

On tour, they supported Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions , Rufus Thomas, Dennis Brown, Owen Grey, The Heptones and many more. After seven years, Neville Henry left the group and was replaced by Ken Kendricks and Tony Douglas. They went on to work with Lloyd Charmers who produced one of the group's best album " Colours of Love" released on Body Music records. Leon and The Blackstones along side the Chosen Few, were the main vocalists for the musical Black Heroes in The Hall of fame at the Hackney Empire. As a result of their success in the musical and great reviews from the international press the Black Heroes in The Hall of fame musical went on tour in the Carribean and USA. On their return to England, Tony, Ken and Neville went solo and were replaced by Tony Mahony and Junior Bailey.

Tony Mahoney, Junior Bailey and Leon Leiffer are three talented individuals who together create the beautiful sounds of The Blackstones. The Blackstones are regarded by many in the industry for bringing forward the traditional vocal style and sound that we have come to know from the likes of The Gaylads, Techniques, The Uniques, Wailers, The Melodians, The Paragons, The Pioneers, The Heptones, The Royals, The Clarendoians, The Chosen Few, The Abyssinians and many more. Who had helped to build the roots of Jamaican vocal style. These influence can be be heard in The Blackstones harmonies, powerful vocals, soulful melodies that will rock your soul.

In October 2004, The Blackstones were presented with an achievement award on behalf of the community for their contribution to the British black Music & Arts Industry as part of the British Black History Day. Tony Mahoney, Junior Bailey and Leon Leiffer are three talented individuals who together create the beautiful sounds of The Blackstones.

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