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Tony Mahoney Story
Tony Mahoney joined The Blackstones in 1995
Tony was born i n St Thomas , Jamaica in a little district called Ramble. From a young age Tony loved singing and also along with his four brothers were the natural entertainers in the district. The boys later joined their parents and new brother in England and very soon after leaving school all the boys followed the music scene , starting with sound system . Tony started to make a name for himself as a promising singer by entering talent contests all over London. In the mid 70's Tony's older brother Desmond's invited him to join his band Blackslate in which he was the drummer . Tony then became their first lead singer for a short time and gained valuable experience in opening shows for artists like Pat Kelly , Dennis Alcapone , Errol Dunkley , Owen Grey and many more. Tony however left and resumed his solo career, recording for various local producers with only minor success. Tony went on to form the Chanters with brother Cecil and friends and released they some songs on the Burning Sounds label. After the Chanters broke up , Tony and Cecil and friends formed another band called The Mission Band , they played all over the UK .When the band broke up in the late 80's , Tony went back to doing solo performing and recordings of which one song ' Aint No Love ' did quite well. It was about 1995 that Leon Lieffer, the founder member of the Blackstones vocal group asked Tony to join the group. Read The Blackstones Story

Read The Blackstones Story
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